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POSITION: HR Talent policy
Talent Policy
Recruitment and the disposition
1. Company adopted a recruitment website, talent market ,staff introduced, advertising media and so on to introduce talents.
2. All staff hired should be through the HR’s Interviews and be well done in the probation.
3. Preliminary hire workers,HR will communicate timely with the new staff.
4. All new staff should pass the health inspection then start to work.
Performance and encouragement
1. Performance management concept
For an effective incentive employees,keep the vitalityand the competitive of the HR,ensure company realize the strategic target,company discussed the interconnection of the performance management and salary system, set up and managed the performance management system based on KPI.
2. Performance assessment
Employees of each quarter performance will be the considerate to next quarterwage accounting. The HR Center have establish a appraisal files for every employees which is the most important basis for the bonous, advanced worker salary adjustment, position adjustment,staff welfare assessment or dismissal.
1. Social insurance
The company according to the state regulations of social insurance for the employees, the specific will according to local society insurance relevant provisions.Such as the pension, health care, , Work-related injuries, unemployment, birth and so on.
2. Commerial insurance
(1)  employers'liabilityinsurance
(2)  life accident insurance
(3)  transportation Accident Insurance
3. The subsidies
Our company according to the detail situation offer the Housing allowance meals subsidies communication traffic subsidies etc.
Corporate Culture
Shenzhen Pengshengwang Watch Co., Ltd. always keep the mind of open communication without limits culture.We are develop various of open channel to set up the harmonious atmosphere of the “Happy work and life ”.
Make a nice communication with different department and different compays is our goal.